The days of being able to get a site passed in a corner field  (with a long laneway) are gone. You can now get sites passed in the greenbelt, and there are no more retirement dwellings. So what is allowed today?


PPS21 addresses a good number of types of development in the countryside, but there are three main policies within the document which are most relevant to farmers and those living in rural areas, and those who breed horses.


There are also interesting changes to the way replacement dwellings, barn conversions and gap sites are assessed.




Policy CTY 3 : Replacement Dwellings :

There are many old houses which would not have met the requirements of previous policy that can now be replaced. The old house does not have to be roofed, and could even have been used as a store. The external walls need to be largely intact and the house must not have previously been used as the basis for a replacement.


Policy CTY 4 : Barn Conversions :

If you have an out building (which is of permanent construction) such as a piggery, barn, store or stable, then (as long as it's not too near the garden of an existing house), it's likely that this can be extended and converted into a dwelling.

Dundesert Road Before 1 Dundesert Road After 1Dundesert Road After 2


 Policy CTY 10 : Houses on a Farm :

If you have been registered as a farmer with the Department of Agriculture (DARD) for over 6 years and recieve the single farm payment, you are likely to meet the the requirements for a new house on your farm (one every 10 years, subject to a few simple criteria). The new house must be clustered with existing farm buildings, and it is prefered that access is off an existing laneway. This also applies to farms in greenbelts.


 Ballypalady Before 1Ballypalady After 1
 Ballypalady After 2


 To learn more about the Policy and to take the "PPS21 Test" checking your eligibility to help you to get a house passed on your site, please download a copy of our User-Friendly PPS21 Guide.


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